FRIENDS for Life Video

FRIENDS for Life – the world's leading school-based anxiety prevention program - helps children and teenagers cope with feelings of fear, worry, and depression by building resilience and self-esteem and teaching cognitive and emotional skills in a simple, well-structured format. Used in schools and clinics throughout the world, FRIENDS is the only childhood anxiety prevention program acknowledged by the World Health Organization. The video demonstrates a FRIENDS presentation to parents.

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Full Day Kindergarten Exemplar Videos

To support the introduction of full day kindergarten, the BC Ministry of Education, in partnership with the British Columbia Principals' and Vice Principals' Association and the British Columbia Primary Teachers' Association hired Maria LeRose & Associates to produce a series of exemplar videos for teachers, principals and district staff.

Developed as a supplement to the Full Day Kindergarten Program Guide, the videos provide insightful examples of rich, age-appropriate activities and learning environments for kindergarten students. Educators, principals and researchers discuss important kindergarten topics: the learning environment, the role of the educator, play-based learning, inquiry or project-based learning, and self-regulation and learning.



A series of training videos for WITS – a program developed in Victoria BC in response to an alarming increase in youth violence. Targeted at K to Grade 3, the WITS Program brings together schools, families and communities to help elementary school children deal with bullying and peer victimization.

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Equity from the Start

Presentation by Dr. Clyde Hertzman – Human Early Learning Partnership Presentation to the WHO (World Health Organization)

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Kindergarten Learning Project

BC Principals and Vice Principal's Association - "The Kindergarten Learning Project" video introduces educators to an assessment tool that is easy to use, developmentally appropriate, and supportive of young learners.


The Breakfast Club

An inspirational video about a group of middle school students who decided to perform Random Acts of Kindness


Facing Our Fears

Sexual abuse and young people with disabilities.


No More Victims

Understanding juvenile sex offenders – causes, types of offenses, treatment options, and prognosis.


The Child Witness

The experiences of children who appear as witnesses in court.


A Time To Start

Positive options for people with mental illness.


Building a Family

Support for parents who have adopted internationally.


Complex Legal Issues In Sexual Abuse

A video designed to encourage practitioners in the justice system to examine their attitudes and biases around what constitutes "consent" in cases of sexual assault.