Today @mflerose gave a lesson on how to create a relationship, tell a story, & develop a common bond w/100 people! #thankyou#TEDxLangleyED
- John Pusic
Maria’s grasp of what we were trying to do (eventually she could have filled in for any of us), her personality and style (she caused people to be engaged) helped greatly in making this program a success. If we do something like this again, we will absolutely call Maria first.
Phil Condit , (former) CEO
Harry Stonecipher (former) COO
The Boeing Company
Maria brings enthusiasm, inquisitiveness and a genuine interest in people to the table. I have been particularly impressed by her work with young people, scientists, world-class luminaries and the effort she pours into research and preparation behind the scenes. Her quick wit, straightforward style and deep understanding of the issues presented have made the events successful as well as entertaining.
-Victor Chan,
Trustee and Founding Director of the Dalai Lama Center for Peace and Education.
Maria was instrumental in planning and moderating the successful United Way Learning Summit on Middle Childhood. In the lead up to the event, Maria invested time in getting to know and understand the subject matter as well as the work of each speaker. That understanding improved the quality of each session substantially. Maria’s considerable production experience and technical knowledge helped improve the planning and logistics for the event.

- Jeff Calbick
Director, Strategic Priorities
Community Impact and Investment
United Way of the Lower Mainland



A powerful collection of speakers and TED videos challenged our current mindsets and unleashed deep conversations designed to improve students’ learning and educators’ instructional practice. From 2015-2019 Maria was the event’s facilitator and moderator.

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Heart-Mind Summit with the Dalai Lama

On October 21, 2014 Vancouver welcomed the Dalai Lama back for an inspirational discussion about educating the hearts of children in our lives. Maria moderated the dialogue featuring His Holiness, Janet Austin, Kim Schonert-Reichl, Peter Senge and Tamara Vrooman.

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Watch Maria moderate the session with Kimberly Schonert-Reichl


Annual Heart-Mind Conference

Since 2013, the Dalai Lama Center for Peace and Education has been bringing together scientists, educators, parents, out-of-school care providers, health and wellness professionals, recreation and community leaders – to discuss how all those who care for and about children can help kids flourish. Speakers have included Goldie Hawn, Adele Diamond, Dan Goldman, Erin Gruwell, Linda Lantieri, Kim Schonert-Reichl, and others.
Produced and moderated by Maria LeRose.

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Watch Maria moderate Heart-Mind 2013 session with Goldie Hawn


Garrison Institute - Contemplation in Education Symposium

Maria Moderated a series of dialogues about Contemplative Teaching and Learning. Contemplative Teaching promotes awareness of self, others and the world by infusing classroom life and teaching with experiential practices such as mindfulness, yoga, tai chi, reflective journaling and others. It deepens learning and builds inner strengths and skills including attention, self-regulation and compassion.


Educating the Heart Speaker Series

One of the signature programs of the Dalai Lama Center for Peace and Education is Educating the Heart series. Over the years, these evening talks have welcomed renowned scientists, educators, community leaders and politicians from Vancouver and beyond to discuss a variety of topics - from science and its relationship to spirituality, to research related to educating the heart, to compassion and its contribution to the public good. Maria has moderated talks with Sir Ken Robinson, Daniel Siegel, Shefaly Tsabary, Adele Diamond, Kim Schonert-Reichl, Sharon Salzberg, Clyde Hertzman, and many other thought leaders.

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Watch Maria discuss parenting in the 21st century with Dan Siegel.

United Way MDI Forum

United Way presented Vancouver's groundbreaking 2010 Middle Years Development Instrument (MDI) developed by Dr. Kimberly Schonert-Reichl. Maria LeRose (pictured left) moderated a Round Table discussion with (from left to right) Dr. Schonert-Reichl, the principal investigator of the study, and a professor in UBC's Faculty of Education and the Human Early Learning Partnership (HELP); United Way of the Lower Mainland President & CEO Michael McKnight; Vancouver School Board Superintendent Steve Cardwell and Clyde Hertzman, Human Early Learning Partnership (HELP).

More than 3,000 Grade 4 students in Vancouver completed a survey about their feelings, thoughts, assets and strengths. They also shared their needs and wishes during the after-school hours. These elements are strongly linked to well-being, health, academic achievement, and success throughout the school years and in later life. A quarter of Grade 4 public school children in Vancouver say that they are not doing well in overall health and well-being. The finding is included in a new study, the result of a research partnership between the Vancouver School Board, United Way of the Lower Mainland, and the University of British Columbia's (UBC) Human Early Learning Partnership (HELP).


International Congress on the Education of the Deaf (ICED 2010)

The International Congress on Education of the Deaf (ICED) was first held in Paris in 1878 to bring together educators to discuss key issues in Deaf Education. Over the years, ICED has continued to meet and draw together leading educators, professionals and researchers involved in educating deaf and hard of hearing students to present the latest advances, developments and achievements. For ICED 2010, Maria LeRose was MC and Dialogue Moderator at the Leader's Summit Program. Maria facilitated in-depth discussions with leaders in the deaf community from across 29 countries on the areas of detection, early intervention, and advancing technology.


The Boeing Company “Taking Care of Business”

The task of training more than 21,000 managers nationwide is a daunting one. When the Boeing Company was faced with this challenge, their solution was to deliver management training through an innovative series of live, interactive broadcast workshops. And to ensure success they hired Maria LeRose as Moderator of the training broadcasts. Called "Taking Care of Business," the workshops included interviews with content experts, live dramatization built around case studies, commentators, and live questions and answers. Key Boeing senior executives participated in each broadcast workshop during the six-month run. Programming originating from KCTS-TV studios in Seattle and was broadcast to Boeing sites throughout North America as well as to England, Tokyo and Australia. As Moderator, Maria designed and conducted live on-air interviews, coached Executives on television presentation, provided on-air continuity for the workshops, and facilitated virtual Q&A sessions with participants.


Dalai Lama Center For Peace And Education

In September 2006 at Vancouver’s Orpheum Theatre , His Holiness the Dalai Lama was joined by world-renowned educators and scientists for a dialogue entitled “Educating the Heart”. Maria LeRose was moderator of this extraordinary event. Based on strong scientific research and evidence-based practice, the Dialogue explored what we know about developing social and emotional intelligence in our children and society. The event was also webcast world-wide.

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National Dialogue On Youth Resilience

In November 2008 Maria moderated the first-ever Canadian National Dialogue on Resilience in Youth. The dialogue brought together youth, researchers, practitioners and policy-makers from the fields of mental health, education, community and social services to learn about different perspectives and approaches and to foster relationships among sectors and stakeholders that would not otherwise have the opportunity to share knowledge, ideas and practices. In her role as Moderator, Maria researched and designed 8 dialogues, and facilitated each interactive dialogue in a ‘talk show format’ in front of a live audience.


US Department of Veterans Affairs
Workplace Stress and Aggression Project

In response to increased stress and aggression in the workplace, the US Department of Veteran Affairs launched a four-year grass roots project designed to improve organizational performance by reducing workplace stress and aggression. The VA employs 220,000 people throughout the US. To bring these employees together in a cost effective and efficient manner, the VA used interactive satellite-linked broadcasts that originated in a Washington DC studio, and were broadcast to VA sites across the country. Maria LeRose was host and moderator of these live broadcasts. As a key player in the process, Maria synthesized information, facilitated planning sessions, designed and conducted interviews that elicited clear concise information about the subject, and engaged virtual participants in an interactive dialogue with studio guests.


United Way Learning Summit on Middle Childhood

The United Way of the Lower Mainland 2009 Learning Summit on Middle Childhood (From Research and Planning to Action for Children ages 6-12) brought two hundred people together focusing on turning research to action. Participants learned about how kids are spending their time; out-of-school programs that work; program measurement; improving community systems, and action-based policies. Maria LeRose was Moderator of this two-day event. She consulted on the Summit overall design, researched and designed individual summit elements, Emceed the event, and conducted live-interactive “talk show” format interviews.


Gorbachev Youth Summit

In October 1987 Vancouver’s Science World hosted the former president of the Soviet Uniion Mikhail Gorbachev in a satellite-linked Summit with high school students throughout British Columbia. This was considered a groundbreaking event because in 1987 Satellite-linked dialogues were still a rare occurrence. Maria LeRose was Host and Moderator of this landmark event.

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