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Every person who stands in front of a live audience to make a presentation experiences a wave of adrenaline. It’s a natural response. It is what you do with this energy that will determine how successful your presentation will be. Maria LeRose helps you prepare – mentally and physically – for public presentations so you can embrace the rush that comes with public appearance, be in the moment, and wow your audience with a powerful performance

The Courage to Lead!

performance_imageLike many people, Sharon Hall was more comfortable behind the scenes than on the stage. For several years in her role as program administrator at a large university she organized graduation ceremonies, then she stood back at the event while others took their place at the podium. With some encouragement, Sharon decided to step outside of her comfort zone and take on the role of Emcee. But first she needed some coaching. She worked with Maria LeRose to design the flow of the event, write her script, and finesse her presentation style. With newfound confidence she stepped into her role as MC with enthusiasm and grace. And there is no turning back!

“In a very supportive and gentle way Maria somehow managed to convince me that I indeed do have the ability to view public speaking and presenting as simply an extension of my duties as a medical education administrator.  I was able to confidently take on the role of MC and speak from the heart when addressing a recent class of graduates.   I can’t thank Maria enough for  her part in helping me to achieve my personal goal of bringing the ‘real’ me to the podium. 

From Fire Fighter to Public Speaker

performance_imagePeter Hansen has been a Fire Fighter since 1979. For the past 20 years he has also dedicated his time, energy and considerable talents to the British Columbia Professional Fire Fighters Burn Fund. With his leadership the Burn Fun raised millions of dollars and had a positive impact on thousands of lives. Peter has a big heart. When he learned that he had been awarded the prestigious Moncrief Award for his outstanding contribution in the area of burn prevention and burn care he was honoured. When he learned that he would be expected to deliver an acceptance speech at an international convention he was terrified! Working with Maria LeRose as a coach, Peter's fears were replaced by a determination to take full advantage of the unique opportunity to share his thoughts and heartfelt feelings with this audience of peers.

“I have always been extremely nervous about public speaking and I tried many things to get over it. I tried seminars, courses and one on one counseling but nothing helped. Maria assisted me with my speech writing and made me feel comfortable delivering my speech in front of 2000 people. I received a standing ovation from the entire crowd and it turned out to be a breakthrough in my life. I would strongly recommend Maria and her company. She is a true professional.